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Candle crafts

I haven’t seriously made candles since we moved to our new house in 2008.

I used to spend several hours each month with family and friends pouring enormous pillar candles for gifts and to sell for charity. I’d collected a few thousand dollars of molds and equipment, but a few years ago, I sold most of it.

Recently, I became interested in learning more about the eco-costs of using paraffin (refined solid petroleum) for candles and kerosene/mineral oil for lamps and outside torches. I researched how others have mixed different types of wax, and I started collecting leftover wax bits and candles that didn’t burn well.

Today I poured three candles from batches I dyed more than 10 years ago. I also mixed some of those leftover paraffin candle bits with beeswax candle bits, olive oil, and soy wax flakes, and put it into a candle container that I’d cleaned out.

Paraffin molded pillars
Recycled mixed waxes with olive oil, and a little of cedar and lemongrass essential oils in a recycled candle container
Paraffin pillars and mixed recycled waxes/oils in a recycled candle container.

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