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Explaining “cooccurrent”

Why do I sometimes use the handle “cooccurrent?” Things that “co-occur” are multiple things (people, places, objects) or events present together or happening together at the same place and time.

“Cooccurring challenges” or “co-occurring conditions” is a psychiatric label assigned to people with challenges from emotional difficulties (“mental health”) along with difficulty from problem habits (addiction or compulsion). ” Other names for these experiences include “dual diagnosis” or “coexisting issues.”

I am a survivor of emotional and physical health challenges. I have several years uninterrupted abstinence from addiction to illegal drugs. I have been labeled non-consensually with a “co-occurring conditions” diagnosis. I choose to reclaim that stigmatizing label and return the word to its literal definition.

I see my challenges and lived experience with emotional suffering, as well as the lessons learned through overcoming addiction, to be a tremendous source of strength. For me, my challenges are a natural human response to surviving trauma, and diseases or illnesses. But because of the difficulties, I am more conscious about self-care and working towards a self-sufficient existence.

So far, my challenges have prevented me from obtaining and maintaining traditional paid employment. It is my hope that someday I will find a way to change that.

I strive to develop the resources and skills to change that, and help others by using my wide array of past professional experience and my education in information science and technology to assist others in work and life. I contribute also through other volunteering as far as my skill and resources allow.

I have also developed skill in group facilitation, recovery advocacy, and peer recovery support. I facilitate ongoing weekly SMART Recovery meetings in the greater Seattle area.

I am grateful for my support network – my spouse, family, friends, pets, and my community. I am thankful as well to have had access to the free tools/training/connections provided by SMART Recovery. All of these factors have been essential for me to realize successful long term recovery.


Published by CrafticalSkills

Craftical Creations is a little bit of a lot of different things. I help people and organizations build and keep digital self-reliance with combined tech support, device repair/maintenance, and no-rush personalized skill-building sessions. Because I'm passionate about making tech resources available and connect the people who can least afford help with digital self-sufficiency support, I sometimes accept offers of partial payment via bartered services and items I need to help the next person who needs help to use technology more safely and effectively. Likewise, I help total beginner to lifelong expert creatives alike with a number of services: rescue-salvage-repair-maintenance on artist and maker tools, equipment, and supplies/materials. I guide and host customized solo and small group skill-building sessions. I support experts in their fields with the technology needed to teach in person or in video classes, and I help with simple video-creation tech setup and tutoring. If that wasn't enough, my college studies and work experience helped me become successful at co-designing and testing new variations on fiber arts tools. I'm exceptionally well-specialized as a tool designer, prototyper, tinker, and tester. I have assisted several tool craftspeople, especially wood workers and fiber tool inventors. My wide base of knowledge in the physics, chemistry, anatomy, biology, design, video prototype testing, accessibility, and documentation position me uniquely for helping toolmakers tweak or create prototypes to best increase the effectiveness, durability, and market appeal of their their new spindle, wheel, combs, carders, and other product desigkns. Not all, but last of the main areas where I specialize, I'm known to help connect fellow artists with talented tool crafters, small fiber farms and mills, and other people find and acquire the tools and supplies and customers they need in the most affordable and sustainable costs/margins feasible over the long run. In other words: Customized and Affordable Tech Support and Tutoring: I maintain, diagnose, explain and repair the most common frustrating digital challenges - with patience and flexibility. Virtual Assistant Services - Admin & clerical tasks - Creativity: copywriting, copy editing, website design & social media and email marketing - poetry, testimonials, personal audio and video interviews, (genuine!) product evangelism, trades of keeping prototype tools in exchange for video testing sessions with the tool creator

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