“As Without, So Within”

I’ve built coping skills for mental health, physical, cognitive, and social challenges. Through trial and error, I found many little improvements add up to dramatic transformations over time.

What works for me is getting small wins, things I can see and feel immediately. I see the changes. I’ve learned to acknowledge my accomplishments. Those little rewards provide fuel to keep working on a better experience. My appearance is a huge part of making that happen.

Applying visible changes (especially vivid colors and attractive designs I like) to myself to change myself and my environment improves my mood on even the toughest days. Changing my looks changes my mood, which changes my experience of life.

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ResearchGate: monitoring research pertaining to behavioral health recovery informatics (information behaviors of individuals in addiction and mental health challenge recovery)
SMART Recovery: SMART is a self-empowering and science-based nonprofit social support network for individuals working to stop problem habits or addictions and moving toward abstaining from those behaviors. I facilitate a weekly local meeting.
Secular Buddhism & Buddhist Recovery: I am a member of other small support communities welcoming to agnostic/humanist/atheist individuals who use scientifically-sound mindfulness tools that originate from Buddhism, Stoicism, and other useful philosophical traditions.
Unitarian Universalism: I am a member of a UU church. Unitarian Universalism is one of the oldest Christian denominations in the U.S. that holds shared principles and values central instead of faith creeds or dogmatic liturgy.

About Jamie “Autumn” Gray Eakin
I’m a survivor of emotional and physical health challenges.
I have several yearsabstinence from drug addiction, using SMART Recovery (free peer network and science-based tools).
I am grateful for, and heavily invested in, my support network and my community.
All of these factors were and are essential to successful ongoing recovery.

I see surviving challenges and emotional suffering — as well as the lessons learned through overcoming addiction — as a tremendous source of strength. I believe these kinds of challenges are natural human responses to surviving trauma such as assaults/injuries, bullying, and autoimmune diseases. Because of my difficulties, I am more conscious about self-care and working towards self-sufficient living.

So far, my challenges have prevented me from obtaining and maintaining traditional paid employment. I strive to continue building resources and skills to change that situation. I learn best to improve myself when I help others achieve their goals. I use my variety of professional experience and my technical education to assist others in work and life, to complete short freelance projects for small business owners and other individuals.

I contribute also by volunteering, as far as my skills and resources allow. I have completed certifications and developed skills in group facilitation, recovery advocacy, and peer recovery support. I facilitate ongoing weekly SMART Recovery meetings in the greater Seattle area.

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